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I come from a Franco-Polish family. My whole childhood was cradled by our family stories but also by tales from all over the world. It is this universe that nourished my unconscious.

At the time I was a shy and sensitive child and I created for myself a universe tinged with imaginary journeys, a world full of colourful and embroidered fabrics.

In 2001, I started creating clothes and accessories. For many years, I create collections, I take part in many shows, private showrooms but also Workshops for department stores.

In my family, objects have always been given a second life. 

The idea of throwing away was considered scandalous for my parents, repairing rather than throwing away.

It is this state of mind that made me wonder about the ecological impact of textiles and fashion in the world. There was then a shift in the way I conceive my productions.

They had to be in adequacy with my founding values. I reconnected with my primary influences: ancestral know-how and the "slow made" spirit.


The meaning of my approach: The recycling and ennoblement of this abundant raw material.


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to my studio

I am installed there since 2012 as an Artisan d'Art specialized in textile.


I create sensitive pieces of contemporary design.

The hand work is fundamental, and requires many hours of research and manufacturing..

The process of creation

always begins with documentary research, the collection of inspiring objects, mainly from nature,

and drawing. Then comes the time for experimentation and the long manufacturing process

to arrive at the desired object.

Fascinated by the beauty of the gesture, the artisanal know-how, I developed my artistic language

by revisiting ancient techniques. Thus I create textile jewellery,

wall hangings and decorative objects.

The techniques 

The technique which I use for the ennoblement of my pieces, are the embroidery of Art with the crochet of Lunéville, Sashiko and Kantha embroidery. Painting and vegetable dyeing Macramé hand-pleated


The materials

The materials which I favour, are upgraded fabrics, chosen with care.

Adept of the durability of textiles and handmade, I transmit my passion for textiles through courses

of sewing and textile creation.


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